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Q: What are your Office hours?

A: Our shop and office hours are:

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, By Appointment
(770) 966-7414

Q: Will you work with my insurance company?

A: Autowise Collision is a direct repair shop for State Farm Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Assurance America, Kemper, Mercury Insurance, Southern General and several more. We will work with all major insurance companies and are adding new insurance companies with direct relationships daily.

Q: Does Autowise have a car rental service or, do you recommend a rental company?

A: We work with Enterprise Rental and Leasing. They will pick you up from our shop when you drop your car off or is brought in to us. Enterprise also picks up their rental car at our facility when your car is ready to drive home. Enterprise works seamlessly with Autowise Collision allowing you to leave the rental car with us and you drive off in your freshly repaired vehicle.

Q: What will the cost of the rental car be?

A: The cost for any rental car will depend upon the type of vehicle you choose to rent. Enterprise Rental and Leasing provides very competitive discounts and specials daily. We at Autowise Collision have experienced their quality track record and great customer services.

Q: Will I need to set up an appointment for an estimate, or can I visit your facility without prior arrangement?

A: If you would like to set up a scheduled time with one of our staff members for an estimate, we can arrange an appointment any time between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. on Monday through Friday. If you require a Saturday appointment, we can schedule a specified time. We can also have one of our estimators work with you if you wish to stop by with a pre-arranged date and time.

Q: How long does an estimate take?

A: An approximate time for an estimate is 20 to 30 minutes. However, it depends on the vehicle repairs and or painting requirements .Our normal estimating procedure is to look at the damaged area(s), record information about specifications and safety measures if necessary, make notations of important and particulars of your car and take photographs for your insurance company. After the physical review and analysis is completed, the information and data is then entered into our advanced computer system including the parts, materials and labor prices. We will provide you with a computerized estimate and discuss your requirements. We apply the Lowest Possible Prices for best quality parts, components, equipment services. We follow strict regulations and industry standards, so you never need to worry about body work "price gouging" at Autowise Collision.

Q: Do I have the right to choose the repair shop of my choice when my insurance company is paying for the repair?

A: Yes, you can choose your body shop based on your own personal preference. Your choice auto body shop can be where you know the employees or have friends who work at the facility. We always recommend and emphasize that which ever shop you decide to use, it is always best they can guarantee their work completed on your vehicle. If an insurance company does refer you to a specific shop, they will guarantee the work that the shop performs. However, not all body shops guarantee their own work with the same options as AutoWise Collision does. We offer and cover a very thorough guarantee!

Q: My insurance company is paying for the repairs. What will be the procedure?

A: AutoWise Collision Inc will provide you and the responsible insurance company with an itemized estimate and bill for all repairs necessary. Once the work is completed and you receive your car; upon your satisfaction, we can accept direct payment from your insurance company if a prior commitment before the release of the vehicle was given to us from the insurance company. To simplify the process, you then can simply sign the insurance company's check over to AutoWise Collisin Inc. The insured deductible amount is due at the end of repairs. We have been known to let a customer make payments on a deductible if needed and discussed prior to completion of the work done.

Q: My car can not be driven and requires towing. Can you handle or assist me with this service?

A: AutoWise Collision can arrange for your car to be towed from any location. Or you can call Ace Wrecker Towing at 770-975-1906. If it is a Nationwide Blue Ribbon Claim, we have a specific Towing Company we are required to use. Simply give us a call at our shop and we will schedule all the necessary arrangements.

Q: I had my vehicle towed to your facility. When can I expect to have a written estimate?

A: AutoWise Collision can properly assess the damages on vehicles that are not drivable but towed in to our shop in an allotted 24 to 48 hour time period. A qualified staff member will write the estimate and if required arrange a 'tear-down' of the vehicle to write a thorough and detailed estimate.

Q: Is it possible to drop off and leave my car at your facility in the morning for an estimate to be written while I am at work?

A: Yes. Please call to let us know in advance and we will be happy to write an estimate while you are at work. Many times all we need is a customer to come by and let us take some pictures including writing up some notes on the vehicle. You may be able to actually leave in your vehicle if it is safely drivable, and we can call, fax or email you an estimate as soon as possible.

Q: Do you offer any pick-up and delivery service?

A: One of our staff members at Autowise Collision can set up a rental car for you with Enterprise Rent A Car (when authorized by your insurance company). Enterprise can then arrange to pick you up and bring you to their office. In some cases, if it is possible via guidelines, they can bring the rental car to our shop to simplify the process.

Upon the completion and acceptance of your vehicle's repairs, you can return the rental car to our shop and leave in your repaired pre-accident vehicle. EXTRA NOTE: If you set up a precise appointment time and the driving distance is within 15 minutes, we may be able to arrange transportation to your workplace when leaving your car at our facility for repairs. Additionally, it may be possible to schedule transportation to our shop when your car repairs are completed.

Q: Do I have to set an appointment for repairs on my vehicle after an estimate is completed and is there any waiting period?

A: As long as the insurance company has accepted liability and approved the repairs we will get your vehicle in as soon as possible. We usually take vehicles in on safely drivable vehicles Monday thru Wednesday and on unsafely drivable vehicles we take the vehicles in anytime.

Q: Is it possible to drop off and leave my vehicle the night before the repairs are to begin?

A: We have a slot in our front door located in front of our facility. Please call to let us know that you are dropping off your car so that we can make arrangements to come by the shop and pull your vehicle inside the building as soon as possible. We forward our shop phones to our cell phones so that we can be reached 24/7.

When you leave your keys in the slot in our front door please leave your contact info if we don't already have it--such as name, phone number and a claim number if possible.

Q: How long will it take to complete the auto body repairs or painting on my vehicle?

A: Completing the work on your vehicle is dependant on the severity of the damage(s). Your car can be repaired as quickly as within a day or extend over a week or more. The time necessary to complete auto body repairs will differ for each vehicle. Cars with minimal damages can be repaired, on occasion, in one day. Vehicles with more extensive damage can take a few weeks or more. You will have the opportunity to discuss your vehicle's repairs in detail, and the estimated completion time including any required arrangements necessary.

Q: How do I make payment for my auto body repairs?

A: Autowise Collision provides multiple ways in assisting you with your payment to make it as easy as possible. We accept (properly endorsed insurance checks), money orders, Visa, MasterCard, debit, pre-approved personal checks, and cash. We also can make arrangements for direct payment from your Insurance company.

Q: When do I have to pay my deductible?

A: Your deductible is due when you pick up your vehicle. The amount of your deductible was agreed upon by you and your insurance agent when you took out your policy. You can look at your policy or contact your agent, to find out the exact amount.

Q: Will it be possible to notice where the damaged areas were painted and repaired?

A: Autowise Collision offers a quality multi-step repair and paint process that meets and often exceeds the original manufacturer's specifications, thereby, providing the paint and repairs with a pre-accident (or better) appearance.

Our Advanced Computer Systems and Computerized color matching system is highly accurate for a top of the line durability and super-hard protective vehicle finish.

Autowise Collision provides you with a Lifetime Warranty on your car for any repairs made by us unless you sell the vehicle. Our paint contains resistant's to environmental damage with a 'Long-Lasting' color & gloss including a great-looking paint finish. A superior appearance with excellence is guaranteed.

Q: Are the repairs you do on my vehicle guaranteed?

A: Yes! All of our auto body repairs and painting is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle! This includes parts, paint and materials that were used in your auto body work. You receive an itemized list of repairs that are completed on your vehicle. All information in your file is saved in our computer system. Our records provide great accuracy for any work completed on your car to eliminate any questions on what is covered in your repairs.

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