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Customer Testimonials

"...Surpassed my expectations!..."

"Within a few short weeks, you have transformed a mess into a true showcase. I cannot express how I feld when i picked it up. The quality and attention to detail actually surpassed my expectations! Thank you for bringing out the true potential of this special automobile. As you know, we market this body kit all over the world. I have included our brochure to remind you of your great work."


"...Professionalism and level of service I received..."

" I am writing to let you know what a pleasant experience it was. I am very happy with the professionalism and level of service I received, as well as the quality of workmanship performed on my car. I'm very impressed".


"...The cars looked better than before..."

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the work you did on both my wife's Explorer and my Intrepid. In both cases the cars looked better than before the accidents had taken place, and in comparison to other body shops we have had to use in the past or heard others talk about, you are clearly the best of which we are aware.

That touches only on the actual technical side of things. As it relates to the communications between you and us, we have been even more impressed. From past experiences, I had often felt as if we were being taken advantage of, and the discussions with those in charge of keeping us up to speed on the process seemed insincere to the point of mistrust on my part. In our experience with your organization, we found your professionalism and commitment to service on all levels to be exemplary.

We hope not to need your services at any point soon (although I do have some painting I will have you do), but if I can pass someone along to you who does need work done, I will do so in a heartbeat and with the total confidence in your commitment to customer satisfaction. Again, thanks for the great job again, and if I can be of any assistance with other customers who need a reference, please do not hesitate. You have earned that."


"...And even picked up and delivered the car..."

"I'm not in the habit of writing letters to recommend service providers, but Autowise Collision has earned my recommendation.

They did quality work on my Infiniti J30, and it looks beautiful now. The reason that I brought the car to Autowise was to fix the shoddy work that another shop had done.

Autowise exceeded my expectations. If you saw the car now, you would never know that it had first been damaged, and on top of that received awful work from the other body shop.

In addition to doing fine repairs, Autowise gave me a very reasonable price. They communicated clearly with me, kept me informed during the process, and even picked up and delivered the car. They also stand behind their work.

I trust them, will bring them my business in the future, and recommend them to other people who need auto body repair."


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